nom•nom \näm-näm\ exclamation used to express pleasure at eating or at the prospect of eating. 

ben·to \ˈben-tō-\ noun

an Asian-style packed meal, served in a box, usually consisting of such items as rice, vegetables, and a protein

nom·nom ben·to \näm-näm-,ˈben-tō-\ noun

1: a delicious and exciting packed meal consisting of only the boldest, brightest flavors and freshest ingredients

2: an expression of our commitment to sharing our love of food and eating

We are three local boys from Southern California constantly in search of the best and tastiest food around. We love food, and we love to eat. That’s what inspires us. Now, we are delighted to have the opportunity to share our love and our food with you. We are committed to bringing the boldest and brightest flavors from around the globe back home to you. We take pride in sourcing only the finest ingredients in a socially responsible manner so that everything is guaranteed to be fresh. All our bentos are cooked and boxed with love and the sole intent of bringing pleasure to your eating experience. Flavors, freshness, love. Nom Nom!

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